Statement / City Jerseys?

anyone know when we are getting these jerseys they have been sitting in misc items for ages ??



Nope. We assumed ASW but I don’t think they’re coming out

Soon I hope. Then I’ll be able to finally get a decent big man. (Sabonis)

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Hopefully soon so I can get AD and sell off my cards

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Same. The minute I get AD, I’m selling back

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Shiiiit City jerseys are never coming out

Only reason we haven’t gotten them is so that 2k can control when Wade and AD are attainable. I think tomorrow we get a theme set and the jerseys to make AD attainable. Now that Wade is attainable and auctionable opals are dropping there isn’t really a good reason to hold back.

haha ppl are close to getting AD lol i just got IT a couple of days ago - i do have $400k MT should i go hard on cards ? or what would be the plan from here

No time soon they need y’all to rip packs.

Save your Mt. There’s nothing worth unlocking until wade or AD and you won’t even get halfway with400k

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TeLl Me ThE fUtUrE

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2K employee confirmed.

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