Starting today...gonna track TTO 100 games w a God lineup & bum squad

I’ll keep track & update this thread.
My hypothesis is the bum squad will see better rewards. We’ll see.

100 games w Wilt, Porzingis, & PD J.R. Smith. I’ll track all the wins/losses & rewards I get/see.

Then 100 games w ruby Mo Pete, sapphire Larry Hughes, & amy Porzingis. Gotta keep Unicorn in my lineup.

Should be interesting.


Doing the good lords work I see. I’ll stay tuned for sure tto is how I make a lot of my mt lol


I’ll also post the hate messages with the Wilt/J.R. squad bc its a guarantee. People love messaging me saying go outside & stop using your moms credit card. Never gets old.

They dont realize I just blew them out w a 2 yr old in my lap on top of a 12 hr work shift.


I would not be surprised if the Amy’s and Ruby’s squad will win more than the GO’s PD’s

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There’s really no excuse this year not to have at least a dia/PD team so those guys are always the best even though my squad isn’t even close to a god squad lol

Which would be your plan to beat offball with your second budget lineup? PNP for Porzingod? I ask because without Magic post bullying I am a total ass at beating offball in TTO, so I am basically forced to run him even if I’d love to try other players haha

Well this is kind of the same tactic but not magic, just do a moving cross with Giannis works 90% of the time and the other 10% it brings help over and you just kick out

Good points. I suppose I need another ruby or lower floor stretching big with at least decent athleticism. Any suggestions?
Zingis, Mo Pete, ???

amy moments john collins

Either a low post scorer who can punish the cpu when the opponent is offballing or another tall shooter, like Yi or John Collins.
But some people are able to beat offball spamming pull ups behind screens, maybe you can do that wit Mo Pete. Or with the evergreen Hedo haha

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Emerald Brook Lopez is also a great floor stretcher if that’s the only think you’re looking for

Yeah best release by a big man in the game just way too slow

I wish they showed you and your opponents record when starting a game of TTO. That would be fun.


Amy Zingis in bum squad ? :nerd_face:

ruby Josh Jackson is also a good addition to your bums.

I live in tto

So far I’ve noticed drops come in spurts, and if you are getting bad drops you can not play for a while or push through the bad run

Also I’ve had the greatest luck with a multi tier squad, I run PD 98 magic, 94 j smooth, 92 KP

The eq is heaviest in tto most times so size can help, also if you have the lowest cards in the machup… Most times the lowest card plays like a Galaxy opal lol

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Emerald Trevor Ariza or CNY emerald Zhou Qi to activate the ultimate equalizer.

You might as well nerf your Porz and use his ruby version instead. Might see a difference there.


Ariza is the man. I don’t run him all the time, but when I wanna make god squads with Magic cry I’ll throw him in there.

Darius Miles is a budget TTO god.

Fast. Long. Dunk. 3pt. Defense… Darius has no holes for TTO and would be great for your budget squad.


This sucks. Played 5 games so far. Only got 1 game of the 5 with a team anywhere close to equal. Other 4 have been all PD’s. 3-2 so far. I’m not used to losing damnit this is tough.

Emerald Ariza
Ruby Al Harrington
Amy Porzingis

I don’t think there’s any real matchmaking logic in TTO. I run with the same team of 2 PDs and a diamond all the time and I get matched up with everything from GOs to sapphires

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