Starting the grind to AK?

I’m currently getting bored of the game mode and since release, have never really thought or had any interest in the collector goals, I would love to get to AK and especially by getting the 250 tokens, it would put me onto the pd rewards.

I am currently sat at around 350 cards which is based off completing domination (rewards), my lineup and around 6 locked in sets.

I have 880k in MT but if needed could sell pd magic/blake and some others to make another 300k+

Do I have enough mt to make it? Is it worth it? How long would you say it would take to get there?

Should be enough if you are patient. 1k average is possible as you find a lot of Jerseys, Bronzes, Gold etc for way under 1k. Last 250 cards will be tough tho, you probably have to snipe them or sell some of your lineup cards. As you can sell everything back immediately I don’t see the point in being stingy. If you buy a 2k or 3k card it will usually sell back for the same amount. Last 250 I also bought 2-6k cards (historics) and sold them back the same day. Imo you have a higher risk if you take too long and cards get devalued.


Appreciate the response, Yeah I would definitely look to pick up all the arenas, jerseys, golds etc first as I hardly have any so I guess that would bring me up a few hundred cards?

But yeah if needed I would have those cards to sell to raise some more mt in the hope of getting there, I guess the main issue for me would be the time it would take to do it as I don’t have much time to play the game and you advised about been patient, I guess the good thing is though that I’m currently at a low level and have a good amount of mt to get close/complete it currently

No, I would NOT advise to be patient, I would advise to do it as quickly as possible and sell immediately. I went to AK in 3-4 days from around 300 cards. Until 1.000 cards its pretty easy. The last 250-350 i would do on a weekend and sell (most of them) right away as you don’t have the risk of 2k dropping something crazy and devalue cards (like with the free PDs).

Oh right yeah I get you, good way of putting it and makes sense to go for that but wow 3-4 days to make it is a good effort, I thought it would have taken alot longer but sounds like you did well doing that, how much did it cost you to get from 300 to the AK considering I’m at a similar amount of cards rn?

I can’t recall as I’ve sold some other cards. I would estimate a Million MT. If you do it fast it doesnt really matter, cards always sell back, even if you lose 10% tax, 100k for AK is pretty good. I think even I will make a decent profit if I keep relisting cards that doesn’t sell right away.

Yeah I’d be fine with parting the money paid in tax for it tbh, especially considering to get there I would manage to pick up the 250 tokens which as mentioned would allow me to complete the rest of the diamond rewards so I could just aim for that first then see if its worth the extra 250 cards for AK

I started at like 850 cards last night and got up to 1014 cars with like 100k MT just pick up the stuff you don’t have for cheap some jerseys are like 500 you might not have

Yeah well I hardly have any tbh I don’t think, just ones from domination and a few packs.

Not too sure of the number of jerseys/arenas etc that there are in total too to buy either but i’m guessing that’s where I should definitely start with it