Starting fifa ultimate team

Can anyone who plays or has played fifa ultimate team give me some tips on how to start off I’ve never played ultimate team before

Don’t do it, that mode is completely broken


if it’s anything like mut, just grind out solo challenges first


Welp, wish I asked before :joy:

Is it worse than myteam?

No but close. No because content is better, eq (momentum in Fifa) is not this cruel, money grab is the same. If u go budget, it’s fine.

Got fifa when it was on sale and have been wondering this myself lol. I think I’ll just stick to playing it casually. Myteam got me fucked up lol

I quit fifa ultimate team 2 year ago everyone run same lineup EPL spamming over and over

Man when you think 2k is bad just know EA is the OG’s of scamming you. Just quit now. One year had 8 mil currency then I bought motm Ronaldo for 3 mil. EA next day put a cap on all players you can only sell for 1 mil. I quit right then

Way more game modes and content than 2k.
U dont have to spend $$$ to have a great squad imo.
Download the web app then u can trade and do the SBCs.
Start with squad battles /offline/ and div rivals /online/. For a start, weekend league must be hard.

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I just thought I’d try it out because team of the year promo started and that seeemed cool

Don’t plan on spending money

Thats a bigger, sweater, money pit so be careful. At this point in the game if you dont have decent players you probably should stay away from online weekend league.

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I’m a refugee on 2k from that mode… the only advice I can give you is not to start.


Swapping one pay to win for another. It’s the same game. Try COD red dead or battlefield

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Skills/tactics still beats the god squads in WL imo. Def not pay 2 win.
I was a div4 player but 1 month ago I changed my controllers settings back to classic so I just had to learn the game again :joy:

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People dont know lol
Fifa is much worse than 2k.
Gameplay is even more broken, more pay2win, packs odds are terrible.


Man when I hear ppl say I wanna try fifa I try to warn them like if someone asked if they should try a drug. :rofl:leave that alone

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Just dont buy packs/vc/fifa points/etc then its a good game.

Run away, QUICKLY. I stopped playing Ultimate team 3 fifa’s ago because I just felt like they were going down the wrong path. Having their own pricing system ( Which I can support since they did that to prevent coin selling), gameplay keeps worse and worse after every year, pack odds are honestly doo doo, and you more than likely will come against an EPL or a Bundesliga team for most of the games. But if you wanna give it a try then you should give it a shot, you might like it.

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