Starting 2K21 My Team

What’s up everyone! Hope you are doing well, it took me a while this year but I am coming back to 2K and will be starting My Team tomorrow after many years of buying the game day one.

I would really appreciate any tips and recommendations on which cards are op this year, animations, shooting, general thoughts, main differences to 2K20 and anything that could be useful. This 2K is giving me some 2K19 vibes with the possibility of adding badges again and the Opal signature MJ card which happens to be the exact same design.

Anyway, thank you all for your time and glad to be back! All the best.

are you current gen or next gen?

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Good to see you man @Clarke_Griffin! Still on current gen tho

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you will notice a similar game to 2k20 then. the noticeable changes are that obviously cards arent as good yet, and they changed the meta move from the tween to the curry slide. badges that were important on 2k20 are just as important on 21 as well. now to start though, a team. i doubt you have a million mt so heres what i would run on a budget right now

obviously smush is evod, youd be looking for a kobe and bonga with range, but to start being real good at the game you might want to raise your budget and do something like this

i recommend finding a yi with range and clamps (or just range if thats all that works) and a dino with clamps. wade is also better with range but its not required


Damn @Clarke_Griffin thank you so much for taking the time bro! Looks like a really solid start for this year

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I’d suggest also Ruby Fultz, Jarrett Jack and Ronnie Brewer that you can both evo throughout games.

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The lineup that clarke suggested is perfect and I would start doing the heat check domination and you’ll gain mt along the way and an opal when you finish


Do you mean HC domination?

Yeah, fixed it

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Clarke’s suggestions are phenomenal for auction house cards

The timing is a little tight but if you have ~3 hours to play between Wednesday and Thursday, I would highly suggest doing the Northwest Division spotlight challenges. Unlike 2k20 spotlights, you do not need any specific cards to complete them. You just need to win 10 games and complete the specific requirement for each game. Half of the games will be triple threat as well which makes them quicker and more palatable

These challenges will go away on Friday, however, when the new season begins

I suggest these specifically because the reward you get for completing them all is Amethyst Wally Szcerbiak. He is an evolution card that only takes 150 threes to upgrade to Diamond. Once he gets that upgrade, he has HOF Range and Clamps which is obviously absurd. If I remember right, he’s one of only 5 wings in the game to have that combo of badges - and the other 4 are T-Mac (500k), Havlicek (1.5mil), Klay (1.5mil), and Kawhi (50 hour grind). He has a solid release too, not amazing but easy to learn

Wally is not so amazing that you need to put aside other things to grind for him but he would be a really nice free addition to your squad


Wait I didn’t go for Wally but didn’t realise he’s such good!


Thank you guys @ACMRmuki @holygrail22 @im934887456tbq3409eh! I will definitely go for a budget team to start the grind with the spotlight challenges, back to the cave lol

Much appreciated :pray:


Evo Kyle Anderson


Heat Check Dom gets you a lot of tokens, MT, packs and Opal Jamison.

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Thank you man!

Much appreciated it @Kobe6Rings, good to see you around!

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What are the best cards to evo to make mt?