Started out 2K20 My Team last month

Just hit my first 12-0, pretty happy with it. Is Wilt any good? Also they absolutely killed that Baron Davis smh


that baron davis was actually one of the best cards at one point. i think it was november POTM, just outdated now

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Yeah I was actually looking forward to using him, one of my favourite cards from last year but like you say just too outdated now

wilt is also pretty good. most people who like to shoot 3s with their center wouldnt like him, but i quite like his release. he’s gonna hold it down for me at the backup C behind kareem until some of the other more expensive centers drop in price

Yeah I just played my first game with wilt and I liked him, was making some nice dunks and tough lay ups, locked opal kat well so I’m happy with him so far, also like you said his release isn’t too bad, money from mid range with it

What was your lineup?

PD Wade, PD Redd, PD Gay, PD Moments Giannis, PD Dino

Wade and Giannis were huge for me, had a few 50pt games with Giannis which killed opponents off but overall I’d say I only came up against 2/3 tough games

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You got this team after a month? Grind or bought?

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I grinded at the start, tto, spotlight sims etc and got to around 200k I’d say, then did a trade for some mt which I’ve only used to buy Giannis but he was a game changer