Start, Bench, Cut: Jokic, AD, Embiid

AD played with Jokic lunch money in the playoffs

Even Dwight

Come on AD was second in DPOY last year for a reason


nah, AD is so much better then both. It feels like you guys are inflating embiid.

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It’s the same old question , those players are good but great part of it is Jokic
Like steph for the warriors , they have similarities in their role and leadership

Embiid getting cut. Don’t matter who starts

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Start AD (already a champion)
Bench jokic
Cut embiid (too injury prone )


Perimeter , as a shot blocker I prefer Embiid

Embiid is mad overrated, especially come playoff time. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great player but if you honestly think Jokic is worse than Embiid you’re just dead wrong.

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Start jokic
Bench embiid
Cut AD

AD is just 10x better then embiid at all skills

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He is getting better and better m, his offense is unreal . He shooting of the dribble as a Big

BR is right

Just check his playoff averages, finals averages etc. Jokic and every player has an off night or 2. It’s just magnified when it’s AD. Even if you go to the series they played against each other. AD was unguardable.

Move Jokić and embiid down one, move AD to top, and you are absolutely correct

I mean, the best scenario would be to start Jokic and AD, AD at the 4 and Jokic at the 5, then just leave Embiid somewhere else to brick shots and choke in the playoffs.

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AD is shooting off the dribble, posting up, grabbing boards,

Could you imagine jokic AD oops lo

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Pedro we both know AD is better lmao

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Embiid too , and he is the best player on a top team in the east now .he don’t have a LBJ around him

Scoring wise Jokic is more efficient from every area of the floor than AD (yes including mid range) other than 0-3 ft. AD has definitely had more volume over his career though. I think Jokic is underrated as a scorer by a lot of people. To say he’s nowhere near AD as a scorer is kinda crazy to me