Start, Bench, Cut: Jokic, AD, Embiid

From BR. Interesting article and breakdown. Who you going with?

If you want to skip the article they

Start: Jokic
Bench: AD
Cut: Embiid

BR finally got something right :grin:


Start AD bench Jokic cut Embiid



Yeah no debate

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If healthy

Start Ad
Bench Embiid
Cut Jokic

I like jokic A LOT but i love my defense more

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The way they broke it down and tallied the categories

Jokic: Offense, Numbers and Intangibles
AD: Defense
Embiid: Scoring

Jokic’s offense is better than Embiid’s defense thoo

yeah maybe but

if the opp team goes whoever offense on jokic, its toasted. Im more a fan of jokic than embiid btw

Are we about to debate Jokic vs AD

The article goes into detail about how Jokic is actually a positive and underrated defender as well

I mean it is a debate. Now more then ever. As a number 1 option/leader of a team Jokic > AD

Start AD
Bench Jokic
Cut embid

Jokic has been super impressive and I think he and AD or maybe 1A and 1B in terms of big men, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near as good of a scorer or defender as AD. AD can literally drop 60 points on any given night. AD is much more athletic as well. Just the perfect Big when he chooses to engage.

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Scoring they are punch for punch, defense is where AD is MILES AHEAD of jokic

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I can’t , I can’t decide .
This is too much :rofl:
It’s all about the roster around

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Yeah AD can drop 60, but can you give AD the ball and tell him to run an offense?

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You can , but he can’t do it like Jokic or even Embiid

ridiculously easy. this was exactly my answer

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Can’t agree that AD can drop 60 any night. Hell yeah when he’s going he can but how many times have we seen AD look passive? Way more than jokic I’ll say that

Embiid is the best rim protector of the 3 , better defender than Jokic and better leader than AD he can actually be the focal point and have more success then Embiid
This is difficult

Yes you can. Nuggets are just really good. It isn’t just Jokic. Jokic is a great passer, but that team has some pretty good players and consistent shooting for the most part. Jokic wouldn’t have fared any better on those Pelicans teams and I’m a Pels fan.

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I feel like AD is better at the 4, but if we have to choose I’m going Jokic over AD.

I’m biased as a Nuggets fan but I think if AD and Jokic switched places, the Nuggets would be worse and the Lakers would be better.