Starks vs Redd

Who y’all prefer and think is better?


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Redd. It is guys like Redd JR etc. that are good in any GAME!!

Starks rarely does contact dunks for me

I’ll ty Redd then y’all think it’s worth paying a premium for one with a defensive shoe?

I seen Redd with defense shoe but he wasn’t badged, he needs a few essential badges. I got one with gold Dimer and few defense badges for 8 or so K

I have Starks with defense shoe but Redd gets more playing time next to John Wall.

I can add badges later but what do you think is a good price to pay for Redd with a defensive shoe? There’s ones up right now on ps4 but it just boosts lateral and pass perception waiting on a better one.

I seen him up with the black and white shoes for 12k the other day. But offensively he’s awesome, I just like to run one with shoes if it’s cheap. I didn’t notice starks defense much better with the shoe because of his height

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Hmm interesting maybe it’s a waste then cuz I can pay someone to put some on for me but prob will run around 30k

Yeah I just look on the market everyday to find upgraded versions of my ruby players, usually people just badge them and don’t know what there doing or don’t value shoes so I grab them

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I run Starks at PG. He’s a beast. Limitless Range shots and contact dunks

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I have Starks he’s a very reliable shooter but doesn’t dunk as much as I expected for a Hof posterizer player.


Because of height I’d say probably try Redd. Starks plays tiny.