Starks or Redd?

I have Redd and love his release but starks and those hof badges look tempting

Which one?

starks is really good ive gone up against him and he was a problem

Starks at point, Redd at the guard.

Also, how is Redd? I would like to use him off the bench or as an 11th man.

His release is money, seems pretty athletic. Dunking is good for what it is even though he doesn’t have any crazy dunk packages

I’m going to try and find one with a defensive shoe for on ball D. I have a derozan with the Nike defensive shoe that boosts on ball D so he’s at 86 and even that’s half decent. Would bring Redd up to 89 which would be ideal, then probably throw D stopper on him too

I actually bought a 97 DeRozan with the foamposite shoe and he’s been clamps. He has 87 steal now, which really helps him on defense.

That DeRozan is just a monster.

Played against Starks a few times…I hate that bastard. He’s so explosive, but can hit step back crazy limitless contested 3’s also. 2k is dumb…Starks was a really good player, but never a diamond player.

How is Michael Redd on defense just realized he is a 94

He’s average, his length helps him stay Infront of people at the guard but a shoe boost is a must, I’m going to be keeping an eye out for sure