Stamina is a non-factor in this game

Yesterday I played a dude who ran 5 man lineup, was full court pressing(!) and rim running with Wall the WHOLE GAME (pedal to the metal all the time, I doubt he ever let R2 go), took only 2 timeouts(!) and his players never showed any signs of fatigue. What’s more, he got 13 offensive rebounds. I used 11 man rotation and I only won by 7. This game is a joke.

It really isn’t. I only run 5 man and I never call timeouts. I don’t full court press though. What’s the point of paying for a bench when you don’t need one


Maybe 2k should get rid of contracts or reward people for playing the game

Stamina is an issue on next Gen.

I hope it’s true.

Bruh you even brick free throws its crazy.


I guess. This dude saved on his bench so he put the most expensive KD’s on almost everyone instead :joy:

That’s my logic. Juice your starters and save MT since a bench is not needed


This thinking is what has allowed me to optimize my lineup.

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Yeah, the lack of stamina seems to affect players more in next gen, shooting wise especially , tireless shooter gonna be a good badge to lookout for

I run a 7 man rotation for some variety and to have some options based on my opponent. I don’t do it chz but it does help my shooting having to master less shots.
Sometimes a Gatorade symbol pops up by my rim runners late in the second or fourth quarters but it doesn’t seem to have any real affect.

To add to the rotation conversation, auto subs is probably the best working feature in the game a lot of people never touch. Works just how it should if you set your minutes properly taking into account position, you can still manual sub over it or turn it off mid game. I’d say give it a try especially next gen since you can’t quick sub a full bench lineup.

I’ve never understood how people can use auto subs. I run plays so I need to know who is on the floor and where at all times and what release to expect. Cpu can mess up your rotation, especially when you use 13 man lineup like I do and use players out of their primary position off the bench. It’s not for everyone. Definitely not for me.

In previous 2Ks I used to press and force them to expend energy. This year there’s no point. 5-man guys don’t even bother calling TOs anymore. It’s irrelevant. Hell, they even press. They don’t care.

About the only thing you can do about is try to get someone in foul trouble. I played a guy the other day and I got his deron to foul out. Too bad it was with like a 45sec to go…lol.

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TMI, but as I approach 50 I am beginning to have stamina issues. If they are more pronounced on next gen, I may just remain in my current gen world.

i wish they dont over do it tho, i quite like running 8 man lineup, quite like to give my guys some more touches and playing time each

Gotta move to next gen. It’s much better. Players dont defend or shoot as well when tired. It adds some thought to game so you cant just spam 5 guys for 4 quarters.


Running a 5 man rotation is sharp cheddar CHEESE.

If only I could get PS5 somewhere… I hope they deliver another batch to stores before Christmas.


Yep. It’s over if you can do it. And it’s not even that hard, you just forget about it in the middle of the game. Especially if your opponent is full court pressing you. But I managed to do it once lately, in 3rd quarter my opponent’s pg got fouled out and he quit immediately after.