Stage tourney with a top guard

This was a good explanation. You explained it better than Pedro did lol

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I gave you a guard perspective , which
Implies more reads !
I don’t how is my team state with the speedboost glitch and people working for 3s ! But this year on my team probably tour forced to switch and give up the 2s or rotate manually everytime with that broken move in the game

I think it’s just you have completely different point of views, he is a stage/park player and you play myteam.

You both are correct in my opinion. In stage switch is super easy to beat and I don’t think me and Pedro ever lost against this defense.

Because in 3v3 when you have fields of space behind you it’s impossible to play sides, there is just too much space to slip into for me as a center. And the man in the corner is always a point guard who’s hidden on a lock, so your help is coming from a 6’1 playsharp. Not much help after all.

In MyTeam when you have 3 more players behind, in the end game they are 6’9+, long and fast, who can help and intercept the ball - and with the cpu being so dumb when it comes to slipping, switch defense is way more effective than in stage 3v3.

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I remember this , this started last year to “guard peaks “ I was just saying that wins against those guys on my team that just run to the side of the screen to flick RS down and shoot
Last year I was fine against switch all until they start to make all the players with max tendencies above the 99 stats on defense that they already have .
After that was almost impossible to dribbler anyways

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