Stage tourney with a top guard

not even close to a zone. one guy is watching the big always. if the big dives one guy follows. you clearly dont understand basketball schemes.

Of the corner drop , can 3-2 lol or a 2-3
I’m stage it’s clearly a zone in the perimeter waiting for the corner to drop or a easy two
You probably don’t know what I mean

100% not a zone. you’re overshowing the switch waiting for the back and forth from the PG. if the big leaves his position, you follow. if it were a zone, you dont move from your spots regardless of what anybody outside of those two positions do.

you probably dont know what you mean.

They stay in the perimeter on each side of the zone while the c drops
You play stage ?

You don’t move from the perimeter , the corner drops

thats not whats happening in that video at all. the 3rd defender is faceguarding his man while the top defenders are guarding the 2-man action.

if you’re saying that you play yours differently from what he showed in the video i’d like to see clips.

So he is playing switch all of the corner doenst drop either way this is even worse in the discussion

no. if the 3rd defender doesnt drop to cover an actual zone and is guarding a man as well as the top defenders, thats the very definition of man coverage. just because you are giving the PG space to make a decision without over committing doesnt mean that you are in a zone. the C determines the defensive movement in this scenario…not the PG. You are switching here.


Ye this one is switching all , which is bad to do against good guards in a 21 game

no 1v1 defense is good against good guards in 2k because the game isnt suited for defensive proficiency. but in terms of coverage and being able to at least stay in front of a man on initial action of PnRs which are obviously OP in 2k, its very good to do.

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I see sides and doubles almost as much as the lock fighting through screens when I play stage tbh. As soon as they get a 3, they deny the 3 pt as much as possible to trade 2s till they win. If you give up 3-4 3s in stage, you’re gonna lose most games

Who is playing one on one defense ? I’m talking about hedging

I play stage a lot ,
Hedge defense is the most difficult one to lead with
As a guard !
Sides is giving up easy 2 consistently , which even leading can be dangerous if the other team keep hedging
Good hedging forces you to take easy decisions and reads as a guard , switching all with a C is dangerous sometimes too
A good guard will attack the middle and wing of the C !
I’m not saying switch all or sides aren’t important in some moments , if you can’t give a 3 at the end ! But now everyone do with 2 guards guarding sides , and C dropping corner

yea, perfect hedging is always gonna be the best. But if the lock gets stuck (even a little bit), I speedboost glitch to the big mans side and shoot that shit. No way the lock is gonna get there, big has to switch most of the time. Teams might aswell just force 2s otherwise they’re giving up 3s

Ye sometimes C need to step up and in some cases he will not be able to wait for the lock
But this discussion was even before speedboost glitch was from last year !
I’m so sad they have reduce the speedboost out of the regular moves and kept speedboost glitch in the game

So what you are saying is since you are a stage guard, you would rather play vs sides defense instead of hedge defense then?

Depende who I’m playing against and the circumstances against good defenders ? Sides
Against bad defenders hedge

Hedge defense is better but takes you more skill and communication
Difficult to perfect

My opinion as a center.

Switch defense is so easy for me to kill as long as me and Pedro have our mic and party working… I just slip for an easy dunk. Or, a lot of times I don’t even set the screen, I just fake it and rim run immediately and there goes the easy dunk.

Hedge defense can vary on how effective it is depending on how good the C and the lock are. If you can stunt at the ball handler until the lock recovers and still come back to the roll or intercept the pass, you’re going to lock down. If you can’t move fast or mess up you can give up easy threes.

Honestly, I’d rather trap the PNR and try to rotate from the corner to tag the roll in stage rather than play sides. Sides is too easy to beat. And that’s why Lakers fan isn’t nearly close to a top stage player :sweat_smile:

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Always on point