Stacking good TTO packs for a mass opening

I’ve been stacking all my non-bronze/silver/gold TTO packs for a mass opening, hoping it’ll increase my odds. Or at least it’ll be more interesting than pulling them 2-3 at a time after each board.

I’m up to 15 packs so far of Heat Check, Diamond, 3D, Chinese New Year, AI, coach, and league moments packs. I think I’m going to stack until I get 50 and then stream the mass opening. Has anybody else tried stacking the packs up to see if they get better pulls?



I have opened 30 of these at once …moments and heat check. Don’t think it matters. Never got a single moments player. I’ve done a mass opening 3 times lol


i’ve seen people on twitter pull pink diamonds from anniversary packs but idk how credible they are


Got a diamond Dave bing from a Wallace pack yesterday that’s the best thing I’ve gotten from a pack in tto that isn’t a diamond shoe or contract

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I’ve gotten moments, but no good ones. Also a few amethysts from the theme packs. I’m also curious where playoff moments can be pulled in HC. It’ll be an interesting experiment.

Good luck. Pulled a diamond Josh Smith from a CNY pack last week. Pleasantly surprised


I opened around 20 moments and heat check packs yesterday . …so far nothing lol.

What’s the point of moment packs on tto …unless they are playoff moments which I doubt… not that I had any luck before lol

The only way to get heat check players seems to be tto now !

I just pulled PD Magic from a TTO pack. I was stacking them too for a month, but there was only like 2 diamond packs and 10 promo/moments packs with a whole ton of bronze and silver packs. I doubt it changes your odds by doing a mass pack opening, but it sure is fun to open all those packs at once, especially if you don’t rip a lot.

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Pulled Ben Wallace and Diamond Wilt… But i miss every Diamond Pack:D

Opened twenty tto moments in a row got nada lol

Moments packs in TTO have never had moments cards in them. If they do odds are at least 100 to 1.

Man I had 250 packs at one time it’s literally the worst

I’m weeding out the shitty ones so it’ll at least be one big batch of decent packs to open.

I try to do this with Golds/Diamonds/Promo Packs.

But then I get impatient

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Did u open em yet

Not yet. I’m up to 45 packs, though I hit a wall with TTO a couple days ago and needed a little break.

Lol I feel you. The Giannis chase is stressing me out

Update: Up to 54 packs in my queue, and down to 77 tokens for the next GO. I missed 10 tokens on the reward board TWICE last night, once with 3 balls and once with 5, I wanted to cry :sob:

Once I slog through the home stretch, I may never play TTO again. The mode is just a boiled-down microcosm of 2K’s worst issues, nothing but zig zag and screen 3s, in between missed wide open looks and players flat-out not responding to controls.

I’m going to grind like hell today while my son is with his grandparents . . . I suppose I could get there faster playing TT offline, but the packs hoard is a part of this process as well. I think the over-under for total packs is 75.