Squad Updates 🥂 -March-

Back to its rightful owner :grin:


Show me your duos, not the 2 blue ones please.

Using this atm. Switching hedo and tatum

Saving tons of MT atm for my boy KD

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98 Magic- PD JR Smith- GO Worthy- PD Webber- GO Wilt

Bench: D Penny, PD Jordan, PD Grant Hill, PD Giannis, PD Mutombo



Also have Giannis and some other cards in reserve, but they’re rarely used.

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Getting these cards was hard enough.

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Get it started and see how it is at the end of March

alright alright alright

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Running a lot of rewards cards waiting for the next few anniversary players to drop. Need to pick up Sabonis soon. Ran his amethyst til the end last year.

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4 mans with HOF DStop and its a done deal, might get back draymond Green, to make it a starting 5. I miss havlicek :frowning:

Cliff Robinson is the GOAT, so flipping Underatted

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Going to try to stay out of the AH and move Timmy to Pejas spot with next PD reward

Running this for now

Probably run this lineup for a bit once duos work



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All time sixers without AI, feelsbad :frowning:


I agree, but watching people shoot uncontested 3s right over him feels worse.


My man can’t hold down a 11-13 spot?


Yeah I’d swap him in for Maxwell, move him back to PG whenever they’re running a short PG

Running with this atm, ruby jordan is heat. Tatum warming up the spot for KD

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