Squad Update 🥂 (June)

They keep pumping out new cards but here’s what ive got to start the month


Banana Boat for June


I’m very content now


Still have about 3 million MT. Only buying GOs now.

Def pickups: KG and Harden for Shaq and the 3000 tokens.

Probable pickups: Kobe, Lebron, KD

Questionable pickups: Melo, Duncan


KG is exciting, needs to come with a jaylen brown and opal truth.

Im running with this, i dont have pip atm but im gona get him back, only card i miss and he feels super comfortable at the 1 for me.

This is all my mt lol

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:clinking_glasses: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


currently sitting on around 900k MT running with this squad for the moment. the market is so volatile im nervous to pull the trigger on any GO players until it settles down a bit, pretty crazy how good of a value the PD kobe and MJ have been, both play spectacular IMO


I’m waiting for GO Bird, GO Hakeem, and GO A.I. 300 tokens away.
If they release a GO McGrady… MT sellers, please?

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Was looking for a PF but they all are underwhelming. Where are the PFs 2k??

So I’m running Ben there which lets me play Lonzo and him together. Lonzo so damn good yall.

Only ran 3 games with Ben at PF but damn he’s a god and I can do some nice cross matching on defense.

Love this team. Sitting on 400k now after badges, shoes, Kirilenko amd packs lol.

June should be fun. Only going after elite PDs and cheap Opals. 2k killing the market and the VC Glitchers are back.

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Waiting on an upgrade for GO Wilt sadly (GO Hakeem where are you? Or GO Yao… ) I’d also love a GO Magic and Bird. Goodbye Ben and Roy! :sunglasses:


Roy better than MJ? I’m very tempted to get Roy as his Limited Sig was insane for me earlier on in the year.

Roy is infinitely better. Better release. 3 point plays. Same defense basically.

Pulled Melo and Roy in a 10 last night might give one up but running Ben at the 4 has been really fun.


Damn that’s good luck.

I’ve only got 80k mt left… But solid crew.


You inspired me. Been loving Ben at PF. He’s too fast and athletic for damn near any PF.

What he does passing from the 4 changed a lot. Should’ve been made that switch. Makes sense because I have a lot of guys who can play point but not a lot of PFs.

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He’s a mismatch almost anywhere but it’s very pronounced at that 4 spot because I feel like people are way more likely to sub a small PG out when he’s at PG than they are to take someone out that he’s abusing at the PF spot. After having those two very lucky pulls last night I decided why not try it and it’s beautiful. He plays defense and gets boards at a strong level and is able to facilitate even easier with more shooters on the floor.
I’m not even sure of who I want to let go of yet but I feel like Broys weaknesses get hidden way better at the 1 spot too.

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Hate to say it but Kobe is more effective than MJ. Been trying out a lot of games in the multiplayer challenges and Kobe is buckets.

McHale is also the perfect 4. I can confidently say he is the best natural 4 right now. He actually has great dribble and his shot is cash. It reminds me of CWebb. I wish I had the patience to post videos but I’ve been doing some crazy stuff with him. I use him like I use KD with extra post moves. So glad I picked him up.


If you had to run a non Opal at point who would you run?

PD Lonzo
PD Big O
PD Fox
Diamond Eddie Jones
Edit: Forgot Magic

Cheese Options:

PD Giannis
PD Grant Hill
PD Kirilenko
PD 98 Siakam
PD Draymond