Squad builder challenge

Guys lets say that someone played 2k19 without spending money on packs. No glitching vc and so on. Was a mediocre player so couldn’t get potm. However was dedicated enough to grind for tokens. Got lots of them. What is the best lineup they could have built using only token rewards. Btw lets be realistic and do not put limiteds in the lineup. If you have suggestions post a screenshots from a mtcentral lineup creator. I will give mine in a sec. Lets we what we can build.

Kinda hard to say, since card values fluctuate so much, people who spend $0 on the game have to be extremely good at flipping cards at the right moments so they don’t lose too much value. Also people have to not fall for the trap of locking in sets and losing MT value. Token rewards obviously are non-auctionable but really hard to come by large token amount without locking sets so I really don’t know how many people who didn’t spend any money could acquire all that many token GO’s. Maybe 2 or 3 at most if they are religious about token grinding.

Man it is possible :slight_smile:
To build a lineup using only rewards.


Didn’t want to use more than 2 GO, because if you didn’t lock sets for tokens that’s about as good as you could do.

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I was talking hypothetically. :slight_smile: Just checking things.

This is too easy on PC.
I had GO Giannis in early April, never spent a cent on VC.
All that while wasting probably close to 10mil MT on packs.

Before the token rewards in TTO and MTU were updated, it was really hard to grind tokens.
It took me like a month to get around 600 tokens I needed for Worthy.
Played 2-3 TTO boards per day.

Basically, count that you could get 10 tokens per 1 TTO board on average. And that’s even lower in reality.

I think if you were always maximizing your token generation (meaning, playing a LOT of offline Triple Threat), getting lucky on most of the locker codes, you could maybe build a squad like this.

Gervin and Rudy are potm. I was talking about mediocre player.

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Well in that hypothetical situation where someone played/grinded that much, they would still earn enough MT to buy some top notch auctionable GOs to mix in with the token rewards.

Ah, ok. Well swap out those POTM’s for the best diamond token cards probably

No no no not in this challenge. No bought cards. The guy spent all my on diamond contracts and shoes and badges. :slight_smile: and is sitting on the leftovers. :slight_smile:

ah gotcha

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Don’t know how you could possibly grind enough tokens but you could do this if you had them


Add PD Josh Smith as 11th man

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Nice :slight_smile:

That starting lineup is something I actually run but with Shaq instead of Wilt

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I like Scal more than McHale

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That’s 11,010 tokens grinded…

With no money spent and a mediocre player to get POTM (15 tokens at the time)

How much time would that take…

10 months that’s about 36 tokens a day
11 months that’s about 33 tokens a day

How you grinding those tokens lol