Spurs Theme Team

Any important pieces I’m missing? Wanted to do an All-Time Tourney but I guess people are still holding on to their teams.

Tmac lol I’d go Sean Elliott

I didn’t want to be the guy to say anything lol


I don’t use non-Spurs cards, but I got this:

Bowen, Murray and White are lockdown.
Unless people run usual 6’10 PGs.

I’m like 99.9% certain KOK will not allow tmac on the all time spurs team lmao

He went to the Finals with them so its allowed


Dominique as well.

Position lock?
Murray is better than Parker.
Bowen is great unless you can use Dominique.

That’s crazy. What an odd rule.

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This is just my team right now. But either way these players are Primary/Secondary position wise

If every player who played for the team was allowed, I’d go:

With Gilmore if needed, otherwise run 3man big rotation.

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That Dejounte better than diamond tony facts

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The only downsides are no double takeover and low strength/post d.

Lol at tmacs sorry stint there. Wilkins way more worthy haha

Need opal harden and hakeem so I can sell my God squad and make a rockets team. Opal yao would be game breaking also