Spurs lakers who you got?

Also does anyone know what Chanel if any is nba tv in South Carolina on spectrum


Ball / Hart / Lebron / Kuzma / Javale
Lance / Kcp / Svi / Beasley

Make it happen Luke Walton please

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I believe Luke already said KCP is starting.

I want me some Svi though

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Cant wait for Wagner for to come back man. We need another big man

Im 50/50 on this one since im fans of both,but lakers should win this to get their first win

Lakers 0-5 run step 3 :sob:

I’m going to the game! Expecting lebron to go off for a W.

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Lebron prolly gonna try to prove himself because the past 2 games hes been bad,the team got worst when he was in the game

That’s the opposite of what happened lol the Lakers went down 13 against the rockets without LeBron and came back and were leading by 2 with lebron

Lebron was still a big part of the laker vs rockets but he messed up everytime they had a chance to go up,i also blame the goddamn refs for calling hardens bullshit calls,hopefully lebron drops 35+

The refs were so bad lol watch Bball breakdown of the game. They allowed it to get out of hand

After BBall Breakdown made some absolutely absurd remarks, I was convinced he was just another casual fan. Dude is clueless and I unfollowed after I followed for a few weeks. He’s got some interesting takes, but whatever he said was so outrageous that I unfollowed him lol.

Go Lonzo! It’s his chance to prove himself and take back the starting spot. I still believe in him! Lakers will win! LeBron will carry if he has to this game! :smiley:

DeRozen should revenge on last playoffs sweep by Le3-6on

Let’s go lakers!!!


We need to stop leaving the Spurs WIDE open.

It’s ridiculous. They’re putting on a shooting clinic smh

Wtf is up with Lebron?