Sprint 3 point cheesers are a cancer in 2k

There is literally nothing you can do when the person you’re facing is running Granger, Ak, Bron at pg surrounded by every other 3 point cheese card with HoF badges… the hold sprint and spam shooting. call screens (which are broken this year) and zig zag cheese… it’s still messed up that zig zaging breaks down defense better than dribble moves… I’d like to think i’m an above average defensive player (2k16 you could be a clamp god). But this is complete bs, limitless 3’s there’s nothing you can do…

Look back at that game and see how many points they got in transition your frustration shots or poor defending from being frustrated and overpursuing.

Be real and be honest with yourself. I used to think like you but man sometimes it’s your own frustration that turns 8 point games into 18 point games. And sometimes the guy is so awesome at the cheese that all you can do is tip your cap to them. If you keep your cool you’ll be able to tell who is who. Alot of players try the screen cheese but very few are actually good. If you keep your wits you’ll beat the chaff.


In before threads locked for referring to something as cancer/aids lol

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Great advice !

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I agree with Manulous. I played a dude on PS4 who always top 10 in the tourney, he ran AK and Granger at point and 5 out high screen zig zag pull SPLASH every time. I couldn’t do anything but tip my hat at the efficiency in which he was hitting them wide open lightly contested or otherwise. Just look at it as a learning lesson and be ready next time.

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