Spotlights : Ralph Sampson

Not sure what tier cards but cards are in spotlight rewards now

Don’t mind the mess of my bookshelf :rofl:

Oh you a gamer gamer. Lol


I think you may need more video games…

Really excited that Harden will be available. Usually a very good card.

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That’s just one shelf :rofl:, but those are a lot of old games I have. I got a switch too so I played a lot of those long ago

I’m hoping these are all dark matter but my guess is that they likely are all opal at least and a few lower tier ones. Hoping it’s dark matters tho

Apparently these were glitches so these aren’t the rewards but according to mosballin the rewards are very different


Edited title bc it looks like the reward is actually Ralph Sampson…for the final reward

It says season rewards for Sampson though?

He’s the mural card I’m guessing

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Not even dark matter basically this is for the mural ffs

This is likely the second part only. There’s still a dark matter

Why Kispert is a best new card today? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ralph Sampson if made correctly would be the best card in the game sadly this one is horrible.

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BlessRNG for cards updates

Manning might be very good with extra shooting badges.

Did you see this twitter release from 2K? I think someone there is having a breakdown. I never saw a worse pack release. Who would buy a 10 pack for GO Mitchell?

Consider this spotlight release and these packs, do you think Russia hacked 2K?

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What gave it away ? The ass quality ? Shoutout to Lada and Zhiguli , surely the worst car manufacturers in the modern world :slight_smile: