Spotlights ending earlier?

Saw this timer while I was doing the spotlights, it only showed on the last game of the spotlight.

Can anyone check when they are on a last game does this same thing show?

I hope they bring them back I can’t do 18 spotlights in 1 day

No life this sob

I got school work rip

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I hope that is just a glitch

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Havent realised but i kept the KAJ challenge for last and without checking how long, i remember there was definitely a timer

2 spotlights plus 2 to go - wish CPU could be mercy ruled

Oh man, last night in Ronnie’s stream he said the season ended at midnight est on Friday I thought he was just dumb.

So this timer actually true? It’s ending before the new season drops?

I just logged on and I don’t have it maybe it was just a glitch.

It only shows on the 10th game of spotlight.
If this is really the case that’s just dumb by 2k and I won’t make it to get marion then because of the pointless 10-15 hours they shortened for no reason at all

Yeah I went in and mine doesn’t have it, super weird.

Have you finished them?

MyTeam looks really weird right now, a lot of missing graphics in the menus

Also am I crazy or did I not get the daily login reward today?

@6thManSam Can you please let the devs know the game is already broken enough?

Sometimes if I leave my PS4 in rest mode and boot it up in the morning I won’t get the login when I go into MyTeam. I just close app and reload it. That always works


@6thManSam could we get some info about these spotlights? Do they expire midnight or when new season starts?

Yeah I did. Maybe that’s why.

I now have a 24 hour timer on them, so we should be fine I think.

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