Spotlight Vets: When to sell this set back?

I have a good grip on the AH but this was my first spotlight.

Now considering there isnt any new packs should I sell the set back on Sunday? I know over time the cards will tank.

Sell back asap but make it around 6PM ET. Only buy the set at the last game so you can sell back immediately without a loss.


Sell quick, most people are gonna be doing the spotlights over the weekend, and the prices are 100% gonna drop by Sunday once people finish them

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Pretty much follows the same selling trends as everything else with high points being weekend prime times. I’ve only taken one significant hit with the Harden motw release. These PD’s are the biggest unknown though since they are dependent on bids and I usually pick everything up at BIN prices.

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Thanks fellas. Unloading this set soon as I get home and knock out this last game.

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