Spotlight Series II: Jason Kidd


And here we go.

wow it actually was a spotlight

My guess pd Vince or Drazen as a reward…

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PD Vince incoming.


His evo gonna be easy:

Spill 15 cups of water of the floor for a free timeout


I was just about to make a thread too.

I guess if Vince has HoF Range Extender he could replace Hedo. I always feel dirty using Hedo.


Soooooo many SF/SGs.

Set better be goated.


I bet it’s a diamond Vince. They’ll save PD Vince for a prime or promo.

I think we are getting PD Shaq as a best card in the set

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You might be right, but that’d be a huge L.

I hope this gets the whole load of likes it deserves

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Vince is probably the gate keeper card

just for completion:

If not Vince, it’s a Coleman, DWill or Drazen, no one deserves PD card else. Dr. J of course but I doubt it.

Coleman would be a L, pf spot full

I’d take drazen

Denverstruck had a pic of pulling a PD Vince.

With Clamps :stuck_out_tongue: please because why not at this rate.