Spotlight players

Spotlight players

Hi guys, I bought the game last Monday and I started getting spotlight sim players like reddish. Also I got booker from the locker code. Is it worth it to get spotlight guys like wade and envolve them and what other hidden gems do you recommend

I wouldn’t say any of the low tier evo cards are worth it at this point, only maybe some of the ones which were released in packs over the last few weeks would be worth doing to maybe sell for profit. How much mt have you got and what players currently? I can try suggest some for you based off that and put a good enough team together

Old spotlights are not worth it. You can get some good players from spotlight sims. Like roco, d rose, walter davis, counsins, thrul baily.


30k and I have opal dbooker, pd kobe, diamond reddish and amethyst kd

thats a tight budget but if you are ok with grinding some spotlight sims then its all good. honestly i would skip over most of the historic pd ones for your starting lineup and get kevin porter jr diamond, you have cam reddish diamond, and robert covington diamond from the spotlights. i would then purchase amethyst isaac bonga for your starting point guard, and amethyst mo bamba for your starting center. your starting lineup should then be bonga-porter-cam-roco-bamba. off the bench, i would purchase diamond dwyane wade for pg, diamond nicolas batum for sg, diamond lamar odom for sf, diamond danny manning for pf, and amethyst zhou qi for center. i believe that is in your budget. the entire team should look like this
i would probably play triple threat online to get more mt. the next purchases i would make would be on a coach. on a budget, diamond steve kerr or nick nurse are your best options, but the best coaches in the game are amethyst mike d’antoni and amethyst mike malone. watch some popular youtube tutorials on different playstyles on offense and defense. splash edition teaches a complex but effective offense, tydebo teaches the best defense and a more simple but slightly less effective offense. the mode i would start with is triple threat offline, and try to get mel daniels or rudy larusso opals to help out your team alot. after that, if you like offline, the spotlight sims are the most rewarding, and online, tto is the most rewarding unless you want to go for opal julius erving, opal james worthy, opal wilt, or opal glen rice on mtu. above all, have fun. this is the best year for budget players, and you will be able to be competitive with the team i showed you.

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Thanks a lot for the help. I hav already purchased nurse as a coach and I am running the nets playbook

sounds good! the nets playbook is only effective offline as it dupes the ai into doubling the guy you pass to, but when people offball online they can help back onto the cutter. i would learn how to either deephash rim run (tydebo) or peekaboo/quickstop shoot (splashedition). both can be considered cheesy, but there are very few ways to win this year when your opponent is doing one of these two things

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Yes I am running this playbook only for the spotlight. I am about to get diamond Robinson from knikcs. What should I do with Opal booker?

oh right i forgot you had him. you can either bench him behind kevin porter jr or start him at sg. overall means nothing this year, its really a mixture of stats, badges, and animations so these two cards are very similar levels

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  1. Get RoCo
  2. Get Thurl Bailey
  3. Get Walter Davis
  4. Get Either of Divac / Cousins / Sikma
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