Spotlight Challenges

Tony parker the little midget is back, its literally impossible to stop him on offense


It’s impossible to stop anyone on offense


Slap Mo Cheeks on him and offball that shifty little bastard :laughing:


i bought Dennis Johnson just now solely for this purpose and after the 1st quarter he still has 15 points on 6-8 shooting - trust me its impossible to stop him

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Might have to double him on the drive, then. I assume he’s mostly driving to the hoop? If not, double him on the catch.

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The whole team is impossible to stop. I mean we were good that year but not THE FUCKING DREAM TEAM

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tried this and the first three possesions he threw a wild pass to Bowen/Turkoglu and the hit the 3

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yep, was up 10 on a good run and now again just up 4 after Duncan tiped the ball in with 0.2 left and every time i force parker into a contested shot Duncan gets the rebound and bucket

Yah these guys are something else

hahahahahahahahah I am fucking crying ahahahhahahahahahahah

down 1, Lillard bricks a 96% free throw, Duncan gets the offensive rebound off a 91% contested parker shot and puts its back in and-one



Why are the Spotlight Challenges so different than DOM ? There it’s like the CPU is getting the user nerfs (of HOF/Superstar) and not the usual CPU boosts at all. Like both use the User slider.

finally did it but only with Free Agent Zion and KD playing all 48 min


2/3 of my spotlight games so far have been as sweaty as all-time dom. I barely beat the Knicks by 4 and they shot 65%, Ewing had 35 points. I blew out the Celtics by 30 and I was tied after 4 quarters against the Spurs and would have had a close one if they didn’t decide to thankfully start double-teaming DJ on every possession letting my (easily) green threes with like Bob Dandridge. If the 3 point shooting wasn’t so easy, I would have lost. I swear theres some RNG roll when you start an offline game to determine the difficulty of the cpu -pro/all-star/superstar/HoF - doesn’t matter…I can’t even tell the difference except these sweaty ass all-star games give you way less MT at the end.

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I already don’t want to do the other four games.


That pro difficulty is a load of shit. The 08 Celtics will hit fades nonstop until the 4th. HOF dom is easier tbh


I’ve already lost twice on these “pro” difficulty challenges. Granted, I was trying to evolve some crappy emeralds… still. Tony Parker doesn’t miss. Screw this game.

That spurs team was a son of a B**ch. Took me 3 hours and I finally barely won. Lost my free agent AD too smh. I had to put my ruby Kobe on parker. Held him to only 29 points lmao. That was lame AF

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John Starks put his dick in my ass in the first game

CPU is unstoppable this year. Quickstop mid range shots are OP as fuck


lmaooo that comment made my day. don’t know if I should say but I dogged these teams by 30 but def lost so many games already for week one


What’s the last requirement