Spotlight Challenges: IT. What you need. Info Complete

Spotlight Challenges: IT. What you need. Info Complete

Latest Update

Formatted Excel by SpacewardBird2 @SpacewardBird2

Prior Info

  • Game 1. No Restrictions / Win / Earn Sapph IT

  • Game 2. IT, Tripucka / Score 31 points with IT

  • Game 3. IT, Tripucka / Win

  • Game 4. IT / Get 15 Assists with IT

  • Game 5. IT / Get 25 Assists with IT

Game 6. IT, Tripucka, Vinnie / Get a Triple Double with IT

props to @NoCoJake and @diego2k35


Anyone elses Isaiah not showing up?

i was thinking the same, mine isn’t

not in rewards under spotlight? playing the game now

I rebooted and he showed up, lmao


Nope. Not even showing up as a blank card in the rewards section

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Thank god giannis isn’t required.


No way dumars goes for lebron prices for more then a couple days right? Like monday he should plummet after the qualifier?

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Anyone get all the cards?


Bruh how do you fix these gifs


I got em all, just bummed out I didn’t do wade and Garnetts yet. :frowning:


Best time to buy would be next week whenever new content drops. Figure lebron was steady at 270-300k and dropped all the way to 150k at one point

I hope hes <200 by next friday

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Are the best cards in each old spotlight series holding any value? I still have B-Roy, LeBron, Kobe

You can still get a decent bit of MT for them, but not like the prices they were prior the super packs

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Whatever you do, guard winters in the second game. Sts is rough with the sap IT too

How much is nique going for?

Sniped one for 88 but he was up on bins alot

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Only need him and Vinnie Johnson. Thanks.