Spotlight challenge timeline

Hi guys I haven’t been following the timeline too well, took a while to complete The spotlight for Dwight, Andre and Kareem. Does anybody know the approximate timeline for the future two spotlights to acquire GO Roy?

5 weeks



3 weeks, one next week and last one 2 weeks after

well the final packs will expire in 5 weeks!

True lol I’ve been counting down the days to opal Roy

Me 2 it’s keeping me from locking ray

Give us a bird spotlight. There are literally no birds for us except for the unlimited

With a reward PD Magic

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And he’s fucking ass

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I’d guess 6 weeks. They skipped a week with super packs on the first set.

It’d be 4 weeks then. I think 508 got it right

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Yeah, I was thinking end of pack run for last challenge when Roy would be available day 1 of last challenge.

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I did the same shit lol. 508 came and put the asshole hat on my head for me.