SplashEdition clip about plays

Does anyone have that clip when Splash was talking about running plays? :rofl::rofl::rofl: Was trying to show it to a friend. Shit was hilarious in stream because it’s so damn true. Went something like

"Plays? I call a screen, if the expletive playing defense gets caught in the screen, I shoot, if he don’t I pass the ball to the roll man or I dot one of the expletives in the corner. Plays!? The fuck I look like. "


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ngl that is somewhat true in how luka has been playing vs the clips and how rockets harden played for the longest time :skull:

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Very true. :rofl: The playbook basically is

-Give ball to Luka
-Either set screen or spot up
-Luka will shoot or pass. If he pass, shoot if you’re open. If not open, start from step 1.

And the Mavs still damn near beat the Clippers.

hawks 2018 freelance

  1. icon pass X to luka
  2. L1>L1 select boban to set a screen
  3. get a open shot, if not, hit R1 and x get it back to luka

He’s right and its kinda sad

Just th true , but isn’t easy to pass and run pnr like him

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Honestly that’s the whole nba lol they just do it from different sets