Spin Move?

i was playing some 3 on 3 on line and this one guy keep useing harden and doing like some turbo spin move the ball would fly around and he would spin like turbo … how do you do this i know the normal spin move this was way faster only thing i can say its like turbo spin ,if you know this move any chance you can share it please and thank you

On the ps4 it’s RT2 plus double tap triangle button.


lol threw the ball out of bounds any xbox guys know the buttons?

Isn’t it R2 and double pressing square? Triangle is wrong imo. @glimermannba

let me try that i got a ps4 also tringle top button passing alley op ,left me try the square which is x on xbox thanks

Yeah i mean R2, the square button is for the euro step. Triangle is spin move.

No. Double tap square without Turbo is eurostep and double tap square with Turbo is spin layup imo.

My bad, your are right

Sorry for the confusion