Spiderman Far From Home Teaser Trailer Is Here

Mysterio looks dope


But he died in avengers?

Apparently it takes place after the new Avengers movie coming out this April - don’t know if this indicates that this is an alternate universe or he comes back to life

Dude wtf spoilers??? I kid, I tapped out on the avengers too many super hero movies so I genuinely didn’t know that but also idgaf Lol


They all do come back to life , avengers (whats left of them), go back in time, get one stone and in the end (again) fight Thanos who only got 5 stones, Captain America dies in the process.

Looks like Mysterio is doing the whole “set up the crimes to fight to look like a hero thing” Peter figures it out, and boom, enemies. (The Sandman and Hydroman nods are nice, but I doubt they are anything but illusions that Mysterio is using).

I mean, Captain Marvel can travel through time & space…

So there’s that.

Fr lol

Ohhh, Jake Gyllenhall!

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Lang (ant man) knock on Black Widows and America’s doorsteps even in the trailer and then Tony comes back and everyone travels thru space continuum, something among the lines.

The way they’re hyping Captain Marvel has me thinking she’s just going to show up, bitch slap Thanos and everything will be peaches and gravy.


Which sucks.


Fuck I’m at work and I can’t watch this with sound. Love Spider-Man.

Last theory is good actually :slight_smile: