Spend or wait?

My situation:
MT 174,993
837 cards, 163 from reaching 250 Tokens

I can use the MT to complete approx 12 Current Collections (240) + 8 Throwback collections (120).
Rough math gives me 610 Tokens, including the 250 reward, enough to get the remaining 9 Diamonds with 70 leftover. I plan on buying a bundle today, the chronic lack ripper that I am (I need to attend a Pack Rippers Anonymous Meeting😭) Hopefully I can pull something “worthy”. I’d be that much closer to AK47 and the PD’s (Timmy or Grant)
Does this make sense?

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Just wait until after the promo tomorrow.

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Apologies, I reposted and just saw your reply.
I take it that’s because the Thanksgiving Promo drop, and the general cards prices dropping?

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Ya whenever you want to invest more, always look out for the next promo because that usually crashes the market

Hey, Is now a good time AH-wise to complete the sets to reach 1,000 cards? I’ve been posting sales and now close to 275-300k MT. I’m trying not to be too anxious with all the promos dropping. Brought a bundle or 2, no Magic or Kobe. Did pull Dray and Elgin tho. Thanks

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Yes. Buy arenas & jerseys. Market crashed on those.

1000 cards is super easy right now. I went from 380 cards to 1000 on 350k mt. 1250 is a different story.

Yeah, 1,250 is no joke. Kirilenko is worth it, though.

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Good looking out folks.:muscle:t4::+1:t5:

Snipe, snipe, snipe and snipe

I’m 126 shy of 1,000.