Speed Boost Glitch - How Has This Not Been Patched Yet?

I am getting so sick of running into this over and over again in unlimited. It’s insufferable going up against someone who 5 outs and speed boosts every single time down the court

Honestly, all 2k needs to do is remove the speed boost glitch, remove 5 out (Hawks Pass & Screen Away / Clippers 2018 Freelance), and add some kind of fatigue penalties for full court pressing. Fix these basic things and this game would be so much more enjoyable.


I agree with this. Sadly, 2k just does not care anymore about gameplay

I don’t get it though… Why not try to make your fanbase happy and your game more enjoyable to play?

They were so quick early on in the year to patch playbooks when there were known plays giving easy buckets against the CPU. It’s probably just as easy for them to patch speed boosting and 5 out. There must be some kind of an underlying reason why they haven’t done it.

Add Curry slide to that list too… :frowning:
And since we playing with demigods, Unlimited difficulty needs to be at HOF asap.

Or instead of taking away offensive tools, offer defensive tools to the player base


Halve the offence, double the defence :goat:

Because unfortunately majority of the fan base do it and need it to win so if they patch it they lose money. I quit those games honestly. I ain’t got time for that bullshit so congrats on learning a YouTube video. It is what it is. Same thing with Madden and the “stretch” run play one year. Like how hard is it to patch this shit until you realize most of your opponents are doing it. Patch = lost revenue. I’ll never understand how it’s fun running the same cheese play over and over and over and over. Like ok bro here’s your participation trophy for winning virtual games by using one play

What’s the “glitch” part?

This breaks the game as much as the OP cards. It’s a ridiculous thing to have an easy to perform move that is essentially unstoppable because defenders don’t have the ability to move at that speed. It’s even more ridiculous not to patch it. The fact that this move was abused in a public setting during the 250K and 2k just leaned into it with the announcers even calling it out as a key move…fucking incredible. It’s so cheesy that there’s almost no way to discern what being good at the game means. All you have to to do be “good” on offense is 5 out and speed boost glitch into a stop and pop 3 or a dunk. It’s a travesty what this game has become.

MLB 6 days away…


don’t you mean 11?

Because frustrating and stringing along their player base is unfortunately good for engagement.

Honestly at this stage I don’t want it to be ,
They are so dumb ! Everyone complained about it in the beginning of the year , and they decide to patch regular speedboost instead of it
Result : everyone start to use it even more
So now if they patch it , the game will be really slow without consistent dribble moves to combo.
I don’t like to see it , but at least provide some skill gap to the game

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5out and high PnR it’s the NBA offense this days , they can’t patch it they can’t change the league

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If you preorder you get early access this Friday

That’s true. Also, in 2k, you can’t really use plays against humans. They might work once, but after that, it’s steal after steal after steal.

Exactly , specially with this stupid AÍ how I suppose to control my offense with players running around for no reason ?
I think I heard Chris’s Broussard about the Nets , saying people in the league know they will be fine ( Nets trio ) because now everyone 5out , drive and kick and high PnR all game … players can fit way faster than before

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Played a guy in limited yesterday who tried to curry with opal Donovan Mitchell the entire game. What’s the point in playing if you just try and abuse one broken mechanic every possession?

Sounds awful.


It’s definitely not fun. But as i said before, we don’t really play this mode “for fun”. It is not fun. We play for the competition, for the rewards, for the card collecting, for comparing stats, team building etc etc. It’s more of an obsession really.


But it COULD potentially be fun along with all those other things.

Ive not had fun with this game lately at all and it has me falling away more.