Speculation: new moments cards?

There’s no reason why 2k wouldn’t release new moments cards, and they just added old moments to packs, y’all think myteam will add new ones?

They could, but after goat packs drop I really think it’s the end

Who would want those? Just release the goat super packs and call it a year.


Doubt it. They’ll def make some for the conference finals and finals in '21 though, since the timing lines up

you are the goat for starting the thread with speculation:


Question mark too. Full package.


I can already see PG13, TJ Warren, and Kelly Olynyk getting cards

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I could see it if they already have cards ready to go and someone does something to deserve one. It would be easy extra $ for them to just toss 5-6 moments in league packs.

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Nah. GOAT content is done and that’s a wrap for 2k20. Maybe some Superpacks along the way.

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yea i have a feeling the next drop is the goat packs and maybe we get super packs that have high rates of pulling good opals to end it off

I don’t want to see an almost perfect 99 TJ Warren :joy:


They could, another Speculation is that they dont drop the GOAT super packs till last week and release 2 or 3 a week as promos

I agree with that speculation. That the leaked photo is for the final pack drop that will stay in the pack market forever.

The new GOATs will be dropping with the next couple of drops. ( 2 / 3 at a time )


I think that GOAT Hakeem will be one of the best bigs when he drops… the Sims one still does a little bit of everything for me. Imagine 99 everything with crazy tendencies. Can’t remember if the other one has HoF QD but if he doesn’t, that would make him insane

Edit: he does have HoF QD, so I guess the jumper stays the same but still, he’s damn good. If you’re right and the drop a few at a time, I hope he’s among the first and goes cheap lol

I would have said absolutely yes until we saw the NBA is back packs and GOAT pack leak. I think next week we get GOAT packs on Friday and then Monday all previous packs go back into the market and that’s the end.

The problem i see with these goat super packs are the new cards that could generate them money
KD, pg giannis, pg lebron, tmac

And why would they release cards that havent been released into a super pack?

I seriously dont think its the end yet

There isn’t enough time left to drop them all in other packs before adding these goat packs. There’s 30 days till 2k21.

Also the GOAT packs aren’t super packs. They’re GOAT packs…

People are still playing arent they,
MT prices jumped here a bit here
Why would they stop making money for a month if the servers and game will still be on

Because that’s what they’ve done every year.

There’s probably something to the psychology of wanting people to see this game as dead and finished leading up to 2k21. Starve us for content and packs so that the spending on launch of 2k21 increases.

Yeah man, but last year the nba was done and they had nothing to release. They found a way to recycle cards by giving them GOAT status which im sure brought plenty of cash.

NBA is stillgoong there are players they can give opals to

If there wasnt a timmy, KD, tmac etc that we saw during that leak i would say its end game

But whatever comes we will find out soon