Speculation for Xmas

I’m thinking we will get something like Halloween, where we got limited cards at certain times
I do think we are get a PD/D Kobe and/or Pippen, one of them coming this week

Maybe… That sounds good but what about the locker code?

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We are due for a kobe but pippen doesn’t appear much as a card in 2k games

We will get a locker code too. We already had a amy pippen

What do you think would be in the code?

Idk if there will be a pink diamond in the code but maybe

Probably tokens, mt and a random player pack, I think it will be a juiced locker code just because its Xmas, last year we got our first chance at diamond Zion

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Maybe a diamond player or 2 and an extra player like ja or a new player plus mt or tokens

Anything’s better than the 12 days of discardable emeralds.


Ya it was nice to get free stuff but I pulled a pd so my luck was used up to never get anything better than a ruby

Maybe a PD Shaq? He’s the poster of the season.


I think we get a Kobe and a Shaq.

Shaq being the “voice” of season 3 and kicked it off… Kobe for Xmas, like most years…

And then being a super duo, of course.

Matter fact, maybe we get Duo packs with some great duos and some underrated duos of all time :thinking::thinking:

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More season of giving cards probably the remainder of the collection and B Diddy Will be available. Will win the weekend extend an extra day. Will Shumpert be replaced with a different season of giving card. Will a new cards be added to limited and vault for season of giving collection, I really hope no cause I still need Mo Pete

Other than idols cards I would sell off now

We will definitely get a code for pd lebron, then some intern will be asked to come into the office over the holiday season and remove it from everyone’s collections.

The customer base of 2k will be up in arms and then everyone will forget about it within a week


All I want for Xmas is Diamond Ja. Even if I won’t use him much at this point.

It sickens me to have to face my favorite player in like every other TT Online game.


I just hope the servers hold up, everything always goes down on Christmas with all the new users.

Expect Kobe or/and Magic.

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Is this friday’s christmas drop worth spending my preorder 100k vc?