Special Offers for VC are back in 2K20


We getting VC deals but the servers been s**t all day.

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What we gonna buy with the vc? Sure ain’t gonna be 1 of the 6 diamond lebrons that got packed on the auction house

Are LeBron’s that rare? Damn.

Hes not rare just overhyped. I pulled him and sold asap

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Consistent 35 ish of him up with 4 hour intervals

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Yes he is very rare trust me I can pull tmac out my ass but can’t get 1 bron


No bullshit, I pulled tmac with a mt pack but no luck with Lebron from $30

Watch dcentric last vid he got screwed too

Somehow someway, I called up my homie for luck and finally pulled him in a 20 box I owe this man lmaoo