Special Cards with more HOF badges

I think we better have a seperate thread for this, would be useful to know if they make noticable difference + let others know when we sell. I’m interested in these cards :male_detective: . I have a Mitch with hof c&s, Hakeem with hof deep fades, Manu and ruby Klay with hof heartcrusher. Hakeem carried me through 3 ltd weekends so he is my favo among all. What gems do you have ?


I just put a HOF Rebound Chaser on Diamond Giannis. Probably not smart, but I know myself and there’s no way I could have held the badge long enough to put it on an Opal/Dark Matter.


That badge makes significant difference in offensive rebounds so far i have seen, Shawn Marion grabs a lot out of nowhere.

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I have nash with a hof difficult shots badge lol. He also has range, clamps, intimidator. Pretty cheese.

Also my Howell randomly has tireless defender.

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I just put a Stockton up on the PS4 auction house with HOF Range Extender and maxed out upgrades. Dude is a beast and can shoot from anywhere.

I bought him with the RE and no longer need him. It ends tomorrow around 1PM ET.

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Fully badged Kobe with HOF flexible and RE. Never ever selling that card (until another Kobe drops)


Respect. My broke ass still rocking pre order Kobe


:joy::joy: all good bro

I had a Hakeem with 5 hof badges I sold last week for 233k. He was a God but I made a good bit on him.

He had HoF defensive leader, rebound chaser, and Pogo stick added.

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I could definitely get that if i knew :sneezing_face:

How do you guys get so many good HoF badges? Spamming packs or getting lucky with unlimited rewards/season levels?

Buying cards that people badges up and then sells

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This is the correct answer. I bought that Hakeem w 5 hof for 110k and sold w 5 hof 2 or 3 weeks later for 233k. All I added was a 5k diamond shoe and a bronze dimer.

From auction house :grimacing:

Some stuff really changed in 21, positive. Check 2klab.
The RE seems to be the same. A must have on hof for shooting lights out …

Look at the green percentage - also hotzones play an important role in 21

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Same, Hakeem carried me to Pierce, I sold him after though :confused: managed to put Stop & Go on Hakeem and he was an absolute beast

I accidentally put HOF Rebound Chaser on Draymond; I was only trying to upgrade him to Gold but the game just took it as if I wanted to upgrade it all the way to HOF

That being said, he’s a monster getting rebounds, he’s been carrying during all time dom, got him at C and so far haven’t had a problem with the crazy centers

I accidentally put HOF putback boss on Ben Simmons who already had HOF Fastbreak finisher. He’s awesome though.

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Found a hof c&s Kobe next to Mitch. Hof dimer IT to both of these hof c&s boys will be nice :cold_face:

I have an Allan Houston I found on the AH with four HOF badges and a three point shoe. Acrobat, Cross key scorer and clutch shooter added. Only paid like 50k. I keep wondering if I should test the market with him.

someone on xbox might break the highest selling card record over the next day, kid posted a kobe with hof range for a 24 hour bid…