Speak your mind

Tell me something that’s been bothering you

I’ll start, I’ve been eating sunflower seeds for the past 10 minutes and did not realize I had been putting the cracked seeds back in the bag. FUCK


I could fill a whole thread with my fucked up life lol… instead i’ll say to everybody going thru it right now, hold your head up!!


Colin cowherd doesnt rank raps top 5 in the league. That bothers me that he has a job as an analyst and he speaks stupid shit everyday lol


Everytime i poop i think, “I need moist wipes” because some poops get sticky ya know? but then when im at the store i always forget :man_shrugging:t2:


Colin cowherd is missing some brain cells nothing new

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Does v in dmc5 look extra soyish

Thinking about canceling pre order

Looks like some

Heroin junky that would sleep on your couch and possibly try to make advances on you

I’ve happily been with my girlfriend for almost a year and half but sometimes I still have dreams about the girl I used to love about in high school.

Now that’s a problem

Get super deep into a book or tvshow before you sleep it should shift the topic of your dream

Also, Lotto shouldve beaten Brabbit in the 8 mile final battle rap scene

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I accept you

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Oof. Not the best joke lol

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Or just bust n$$$ till the thought of her doesn’t arrouse you

Never mind

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Lebron slander

Lebron is washed trash fax


Sorry bad joke lol

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Yooo wtf