Spamming Steals

is it just me or player spamming the steal button gotten worse like i cant even cook up without a mf reaching in :rage:


i understand if im too close to my defender and all that but hitting x as soon as i move the right stick is :nauseated_face:

Toxic pick pocket badge

Yes they are the worst… fake ass on ball clamp gods lmao

dont even get me started on fastbreak/inbound steals


I don’t spam too much, but you’re right

It’s really annoying when you’re just trying to get into a flow to run a play and they keep fouling you

On a side note, when i do try to go fro steals, PD Lonzo poked the ball out a lot more than my GO Lonzo.

My GO Lonzo gets called for a lot of fouls compared to when i had the PD =/

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I call them inbound hounds…also cheese lol

and, protecting the ball doesnt even work :roll_eyes:

If you gonna iso and dance for 14 seconds of the shot clock why would I not rip your ass? :joy:


Now bad players have good teams so youre being exposed to a different type of player

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believe me. i reach on iso ball but the players im talking about reach as soon as you try ANYTHING.

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yeah this is true, now that everyone has HoF pickpoket and 90+ steal. its gotten bad

Swear I have to hold L2 for half the game just to stop the spam

holding LT doesnt even work for me as i’ve had the ball poked from me multiple times and lost games because of it.

The worst is when the AI reaches for them once you even get near another defender but damn if going into a post up ain’t working anymore then idek

yeah its bad…

Yup a lot of these guys are using the charge-steal which protecting doesnt even help with. You know because they often go into the take charge stance or sometimes even flop accidentally.

Those rush steals are fucking pathetic and even moreso from programming stand point then them doing it, like Holy Smokes my players getting knee’d in the guts and its an ok way to steal the ball, some games i can’t tell if i am playing basketball or fighting simulator.


The irony is I’m pretty sure I learned it from a tutorial video you made early in the year :joy: I think it was about Domination steals though lol.

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Yah, but even tho i teached people to do it, it was again CPU. And even funnier that while i teached people do it, i don’t do it on people, ever. Period. Guess the jokes are on me.

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