"Space The Floor" back?

As I’ve looked at 2K20 gameplay videos I’ve wondered why one of the freelances was called “4 Out 1 In Active”

I think it could be because they’re bringing back space the floor freelance options (read: no motions are triggered and guys just move around the court to create space while maintaining a 4 out 1 in or 3 out 2 in shape.

Orrr it could be something from the beta build and this post is pointless. But what’s the fun in not speculating days before a game is released!?

I wouldn’t use it, but I know a good number of you would. So that’s something to look at when the game drops.


confirmed by Da_Czar Is the floor isn’t back.

Quick iso can work like space the floor this year because it’s dynamic. If you call for a iso on top of the key and move towards the wing your teammates will space out.

Active freelances are freelances that work with ace to get your best scorers the ball.

Da_czar break it down in this video. There a lot of info in this vid.

skip to the 9 minute mark

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Damn how’d I miss this video? Thanks bro.

So yes, this post was indeed a waste of time.