South Park pandemic special sept 30th

Can’t fkn wait :grin:


Me too! Just by looking at the trailer it has a ton of potential

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I hope they rip bill gates hard lol

Sucks that it’s a one off since this is when the season would normally start

My guess is they wait until after the election. I know in 2016 when Garrison-Trump and Hillary were main characters, Trey and Matt are on record as saying the plans were fucked up by the election result

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Ik I hope this means the season doesn’t get pushed back too far. Like you said probably after the election. With how shitty this year has been I need some laughter :joy:


8 pm tonight right before the game

Here’s a link for anyone that needs one

So excited!

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And the shit has hit the fan in the special lmao.

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Gonna have to watch it on replay

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Really well done! I hope they do more specials like that.