Sounds crazy but 2k is stealing me MTs

Since a few weeks I’ve felt that I’ve won the exact amount of coins after a match and today I just confirmed that 2k is robbing me, before I decided to play a all time dom game I had 16230 mts and after contracts I had 15k exact and after I played the game and won and obtained 1420 mts and after I quit to the manu I only received 1200

1200 is max mt that can be won in a game even though it shows more on screen

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Wooooow I never knew this. Lmao I always get overs 1200 and now I know I don’t even receive that bonus. Where did you learn this


I don’t remember where but it’s definitely a proven fact.

This 1,200 cap was confirmed to me by 2K support and its not a glitch. It’s “by design”. It’s such bullshit. It robs us of MT covertly and really the only reason they would to this was so we’d be tempted to spend a bit more $ on VC.

Don’t ignore the last part, point calculation and stars given part i mean, you have to watch each step or it doesn’t give me the mt. I think this is more weird :flying_saucer:

This game is stealing my soul.

Yea i didnt ever notice this either but its total bullshit. Which is not a surprise @ all. I really need to find a new game.

It makes it so that just playing games is almost never profitable

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The title of this thread put one thought in my head…image
Me MTs!!


I just had the same thought! Hahahahaha

Me Mt boy

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