Sorry Bronny

For Nuggs ruining your debut. Jk, not sorry at all. Go nuggs


That Lakers team might struggle quite a bit at the start of the season tho.

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Does preseason count as a debut?

He played 15 minutes and it’s a fucking preseason opener lmao. Haters gonna hate though.

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According to how big of a deal espn made it, it does


Not really hating on him, more so giving props to my squad

Anyone wanna make a friendly 10k Mt wager the nuggets have a better record than the Lakers by all star weekend?


No Gary Harris, no IT, no MPJ and still dropping 130. Nets will be torched this year believe that

I’ll bet 100k Nuggets have a better record by season end

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Also Juancho > Willy in battle of the brothers. That stroke is so pure

My man is reaching :joy:

I can’t tell which of my posts this is a reply to. Which one am I reaching? I’m guessing the Juancho > Willy post because the Nuggets finishing with a better record than the Lakers is far from a reach

Respectfully, this thread in it’s entirety. The mere creation of it.


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Well Lakers are gonna be in the Playoffs, NBA are gonna make sure of that lol

I don’t see Nuggets having a better record as being far fetched tbh

Hmmm mmmkay

Lakers are gonna be giving up a layup line all year with that center rotation lol

Sorry Bron, again. This time for ruining your debut at staples. No Murray, no Harris, no IT? No problem

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RIP Bron

This is the best comment in this thread