Sore losers/boogie at the 4

Why do people when they’re getting blown out intentionally foul, run out all their pause timer etc. it’s a waste of everyone’s time. QuantumJW (whoever that is) is doin it to me right now, so [language]

In other news Im running PD boogie at the 4 and he’s an absolute MONSTER

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Boogie at 4 is always OP

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No… @QuantumKat has a different PSN. That’s not him.

Do you have a full Opal team?

Are asking me, or the OP?

I am not QuantumJW. Nope!


You. I remember you saying you wanted to play.

I’m playing Awanz and wanted to play some GO Giannis owners.

They do that to get you mad. Are you mad? You sound mad.

I have GO Giannis, PG, MJ, Worthy, Malone. Wilt, Blake…not full squad, but a few.

Who you running at the 5?

Lol I thought it was you at first I messaged him and said don’t make me call you out on 2k gamer…


Giannis and Boogie off the bench.

Nawww can’t be made when I’m up 50 against a team on my level, just don’t understand it

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Thats cool Giannis is the main guy I want to play against . I have shut him down completely in MTU.

I wanted to see how hard it is on Pro in PWF. If you’re down we can put differences aside and play tonight or this weekend if you can.

Not a lab session. I just want to see how PRO is.

I’m down to run. I want to practice against a great read and react off baller anyway. Would help me tremendously against the shitty ones. Lol

Oh shit I actually was gon on ball. Lol. Just feels weird sweating people in friendlies.

But its up to you.

Whichever one, but a few off ballers that are good at attacking the passing lanes and quick switching have annoyed the shit out of me.

If I can get time I wouldn’t mind playing you guys and I will owe @smithboys1 a game

I know @daruler022 wants to repeatably kick my ass too lol


I just want to see that Frazier in action. Lol

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