Sooooooooo, should I just never try to steal the ball?

The amount of times I play good defense then knock the ball loose only for it to go directly to my opponent leading to an open 3 or dunk is maddening. WTF is this shit? I don’t expect to get clean steals all the time, but the percentage of time this BS happens is a bit much. Any way to get more favorable outcomes?


This is so true. Whenever I poke the ball lose, I literally have to switch to someone else to stay in defensive position, or else it’s a 3/ dunk

Honestly, you just have to memorize animations, and anticipate so you can dive with an offball player for the loose ball, while you’re frozen for a sec after the steal with the onball defender.

I was just grinding Pick Pocket to HOF on my lock in mycareer, and after a while I started to learn all the animation timings to get the loose balls more often.

Not a perfect solution, but it’s really all you can do to help.

I never try to steal because it always backfires on me

That’s why I offball baby :muscle:t3:

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Thats why there is no honor in defending on ball in my experience.

Offball is for pussies


Here we go…

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Same with getting a clean block, especially when playing good post defense, only for the opponent to get the ball right back and immediately score while your guy is in a stupid recovering animation

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