Soooo I guess Caldy and Killzamoi just said F it

Haven’t seen any videos in like 3 weeks from neither of them, I tho caldy would have been consistent, killzamoi said he lost his motivation but damn, he was like #1 last year on YouTube for myteam, the burnout is real

Are we surprised with killzamoi though? He pretty much grinded for the top reward cards the first week the game came out. I’m surprised it took him this long to get burned out.

Caldy said he moved so he’s probably been busy with that.

Edit: Had no idea Killz’ dad passed, so that’s understandable.

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Didn’t Killzamoi dad die and he stop uploading after that?

Killzamoi is still playing according to his last video, he just stopped recording and uploading. He probably still pulled and kept up with cards.

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Yeah Killzamoi said he was going through depression after his dad passed


Caldy and Killza are some of the few 2k youtubers I enjoy


I think his father passed away last year and at the beginning of the year he had a charity event for it


Killzamoi made a video saying he deals with depression and tried coming back but it seems like he’s not 100% ready yet. Feel bad for the guy with his dad dying and everything seems like a nice guy.


Killza def is the best MyTeam YouTuber , man I hope he gets the love and help he needs


Caldy came back pretty strong a few weeks back after a long hiatus but I guess hes gone again?

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lol yeah everyone here already nailed it.

Killzamoi = taking some time to clear his head

Caldy = Lazy as hell

Hope both come back soon

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At least we still have shake everyday lol


It’s so unfortunate that out of every MyTeam youtuber there is, he had to be the one who puts out content the most consistently