Sooo... How’s This New Larry?

Obviously, some of the stats are lame AF for a diamond Larry, but how is this card in game? Ruby Larry is a 2K19 legend, so maybe some of the ruby magic rubbed off on the diamond. I’m just curious if he plays above stats, etc. I’ll pick up his PD for sure, but I’m just being optimistic for a placeholder until then.

I’m trynna figure out the same thing, I just dont want to buy him and sell him in case I dont like him.

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Same here. I want to try him, but I’m not confident enough that he’ll be worth it if I take the MT hit selling him back.

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im in the same boat. even a snipe seems like an overpay


I just paid 140k for him (XB1) ran him in triple threat, nailed 7 3’s against AK47 defense

I love larry but that defense…

@Ddrop, didn’t you pull him?

Sold him few hours ago. He is worth 120k not much imo. KD is easier to use. Trailing 3s are perfect but coming off screens too slow for me. It’s a card some will adore, some will trash tbh, hard to say smthg for sure. He is a god in friendlies tho, hits everything in pro. Fade animation is nice but ratings are holding it back.


So in other words, wait for the PD?

Wait for the moments crash, get him around 100k and warm up. It’s a good card but u can really feel those missing ratings in Unlimited. Spotup shooting is as should be. Rest is meh, i prefer PG13 or KD over him.

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That’s pretty much all I need to know. If he gets cheap AF I might bite, but if he’s hovering around 100k, I’m passing.

Play him at PF with Magic, Jordan, and Pippen - tried a dream team line up as close as I could ha - he played good D, not as slow as I expected - release is average and he can hit. It’s Larry Bird guys. He plays like Larry Bird…slow at times but still top 50 in the game. I wouldn’t use him at my 3 spot with the guys out there…Freak, Hill…anyone that can jump lmao

Is he better than diamond pierce? I need one Celtics player and I’m debating which one

I would seriously doubt it… Pierce’s strengths are “stronger” than Bird’s strengths, but that’s judging by experience with Pierce and only reading stats/badges on Bird.

Don’t know what you’re talking a’about

I pulled THREE Ralphs which is cool but I really wanted to pull Larry to try out. Don’t want to pay 150k and lose lik 20k just to try him out.

The VC glitch is the reason he’s not BIN


One of my my fav cards :heart:

I pulled like 5 packs for the hell of it last night and got 2 Rondos. Looks like these packs are pretty decent, actually… Too bad only one card in the set is a juiced mutha fucka.

5 pks. amy oscar and fatass and all emeralds. criminal

Odds were meh, although I actually pulled a Rondo, 3 Ralph’s, a handful of amethysts but bizarrely no diamond Wilt or Bird. Like the game knew I wanted a Bird and just trolled me. Lol