Something that’s been bothering me

This is not a momentum crossover

This is a momentum crossover

This is not a momentum behind the back

This is a momentum behind the back

There’s been too many times I’ve seen this vocabulary mixed up.


Can you explain the difference? I never really tried to understand what is what.

The first clip is a moving crossover, while the second is a momentum crossover that can only be done from a standstill position. The third is a behind the back, while the fourth is a behind the back off of a momentum crossover.

What makes it a “momentum” move?

When you’re dribbling/running right/left, and do either a sideways or backwards right analog step back and immediately cut back the other direction and breeze past them (cpu can’t guard this most players can’t either) is there a name for this? Does it fall under the category of speed-boosting/momentum dribbles?

I notice you have to have 86 BC to do it otherwise you’ll either a) immediately fumble the ball upon finishing the step back or b) have to pause briefly before you can move again ruining the momentum

No, not really. I know what you mean though. It’s kind of a new thing in 2k this year.

show em that momentum spin with larry that aint ready for that one, shit creates so much space

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Yeah, and then you can start to chain it with half spins and such. A lot of players have that spin this year.