Something got to be be done!

I just watched troydan video and it was painful to watch. It took him 27 boxes to get one opal kobe. It took him 16 boxes or more just to get a pink diamond. He started with almost 6 million vc. He spend it down to 537k . After all of that he ended up with three opals non limited of course ,32 aythmest and 8 diamonds. Which is horrible pack odds . What happen to this game. There no excuse now, all the brown shirts are gone and 2k getting straight money . Fix the freaking odds 2k. Am not spending a dime on this game period. No money spent squad stand up!!!

UPDATE : everyone hit a like on this post so it can be seen by everybody and every like show how many sick of 2k bs.We must let this be none I would put the link in the description if I have to but I know alot of people watch troydan videos and it no need to leave link.:fist::facepunch:


Widespread boycotts are needed…

But you know how that goes…


Not surprised.

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We got to stand up to this crap or we going to have the same problem when 2k20 come out.

I’m buying MT only because that’s a direct fuck you to 2k.

Yeah its still spending money but you get the most valuable thing in the mode MT coins.


yea 3 opals in 720 packs LMAO

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I rather buy MT instead of these packs. It like they know it a chance that loot packs might be over next year so they trying to scam as much money they can get before they issue the bill out.

The only reason he doing it to show how bad the odds are and to entertain us. But if i did that I would be ready to sue or get my money back. I wouldn’t even pulled it if I got to open 27 boxes. The most I open was two boxes and some singles. So you can imagine how much he spent on these. I might don’t want to know

he spent roughly 1,500 canadian dollars on the vc

That’s ridiculous honestly 2k odds are ass I’ve been unbanned but haven’t even cared to play since I’ve been playing other games and no Mrs.V

Mrs.v was the only reason I was opening packs . If she wasn’t in the picture I wouldn’t dare open packs.

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They know that senate bill’s gonna fuck up their business model next year for myteam they’re just trying to get to the bag one last time before then😂


Everyone needs to come together and not buy 2k

Boycott 2k20

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You came away from that video thinking that?

We just saw Troydan get shot! Only to sit up and finish his pack opening like nothing happened. The man is invincible.

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I feel like the signature series packs have the worst odds. Definitely prefer promo in terms of getting back the most MT from vc spent

Don’t worry if we ask nicely they might double the odds from 0.5% to 1%

Odds are horrible for him most of the time. But he gets over a million views on his videos and has 1.7 million subscribers. He spends that much but makes back much more per video. Glad he’s showing a mass audience how horrible the odds are though.

Yea that what I was saying earlier. Because if he wasn’t doing YouTube videos and getting money back it would been game over big time. That’s alot of money he spend each pack opening.