Something else instead of WC

Will we get something instead this week?

What is WC?

Weekly Challenges?

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Yeah sorry, my counter says challenges 0/2 but nothing new

Mine says 0 of 0. Last week on the last challenge they said that would be the last available token

I would LOVE a 12-minute HOF difficulty CPU challenge for a random, non-auctionable PD as a reward. Could require you to score 40, etc. with somebody and all of the reward options would have been guys who have done that thing…

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That’s hopeful thinking

Oh, it’s not going to happen. I’m just saying things I’d love.

I’d also love for VC to not be a part of MyTEAM at all…

Id love some good moments challenges to mix up offline

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Last year they did a moments challenge that featured all ur rewards cards at once. For like 15 k

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for real? that was the last one?! nooooo

I remember this…i think it was 12k…that would be good

RIP needed one more for PD Biceps